Kürzlich eingetroffen: Birdseye Lace Sheaok aus Australien

Lately arrived: Birdseye Lace Sheaok from Australia

Lace Sheoak, (Allocasuarina fraserana) is one of the lesser-known woods in Europe. In its birdseye variant, it is so unique that one rarely comes across it, making it a true rarity.

Despite its name, Sheoak may evoke thoughts of native oak, but the two woods have no similarities. Lace Sheoak is distinguished by its rich shades of orange, brown, and red. It lacks figure or depth in appearance, and with a matte finish, it would almost seem archaic if not for the delicate lace-like pattern that adds a touch of sophistication to the wood.

Some blocks and scale pairs of Lace sheoak, a dark red wood with a unique lace pattern

This mesh-like pattern can also be found in our latitudes in the form of the birdseye figure in the London plane tree, albeit in a much finer and less conspicuous form, as well as in various varieties of South American lacewood. There seems to be an evolutionary advantage to this structure.

Processing Lace Sheoak is relatively straightforward; however, you may encounter small holes in the birdseye figure that can only be closed by multiple fillings with sanding dust and cyanoacrylate adhesive. So, a bit of patience is required. The reward is a unique visual experience that pairs excellently with darkened steels.

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