Frisch eingetroffen - Buckeye Burl aus Kalifornien

Newly arrived: Buckeye Burl from California

The first slabs of a larger delivery of Buckeye Burl (Aesculus californica), an American variety of our horse chestnut, arrived today.

Unloading the slabs today was a real pleasure because, on the one hand, the wood is quite light and therefore ideal for stabilising. For another, the buckeye is of excellent quality.
A fine uneven latch gives the wood its depth, closed red eyes (hence probably the name Buckeye) make it easier to work with and the fungus that gives the wood its grey colour has raged nice and evenly. Unfortunately, the wood has bark and soil inclusions here and there, which often makes you despair when sawing it up.

To get beautiful, flawless blocks, you therefore have to look closely and think your way into the structure and texture of the wood. But that is exactly what makes it the most fun. 




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